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For more on Lost Valley's history, visit Phil Brigandi's website at www.socalhistoryland.mysite.com.

A Lost Valley Chronology
by Phil Brigandi
A brief outline of Lost Valley’s history from 1000 AD to present.

The Cupeño People of Lost Valley
by Phil Brigandi
The story of Lost Valley’s native inhabitants.

The Story of Kisily Pewish
as retold by Phil Brigandi
The legend of the birth of the Cupeño people. Part of the story takes place in Lost Valley.

The Exiles of Cupa
by Grant Wallace (Out West magazine, July, 1903)
One of the best contemporary accounts of the Cupeño Removal to the reservation at Pala.

The Bergman Cabin
by Phil Brigandi (1991)
The story of Lost Valley’s best-known historical landmark.

Lost Valley -- The Bergman Years
by Phil Brigandi
Cattle ranching days (and more) in early Lost Valley.

The Search for Lost Valley
as told by Howard Bear (1979)
A former Council President recalls how the Scouts first discovered Lost Valley.

The Lost Valley Stables and its Programs: 1965-1986
by Phil Brigandi
Written shortly after the fire that destroyed the original stables.

“Tales from a Lost Valley”
by Phil Brigandi
A short history of Lost Valley from Indian times to present.

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