Penny Comes to Visit

(by Kevin)
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Shelby decided a few weeks ago that we should volunteer to help out with dog transport. Where are these dogs being transported to, you ask? A lot of them are being taken from city and county shelters (where dogs are killed after a certain amount of time) to no-kill breed rescues (like Beagles and Buddies, where we adopted Digory) and other sanctuaries. Some dogs need other help, like Penny, our first transportee. Penny's owner had moved from Texas to Oregon, but she couldn't take Penny along with her right away. So Penny lived with a foster family in Galveston, Texas until her person was ready for her. Once things got settled, a collection of volunteers drove her from Galveston to Portland, with each person driving a leg and transferring Penny to her next transporter. We didn't have to go very far; we picked Penny up in Diamond Bar, kept her overnight, and then dropped her off in Pomona the next afternoon. Penny was a total sweetheart; she was well-adjusted and friendly with both us and our dogs right away.
We started by picking Penny up from Larry, who had spent the morning driving her from Quartzite, Arizona to Diamond Bar. We put Penny in the back seat of our car, but she decided that she'd rather ride in the footwell and make herself very small instead.
We brought Penny home and took our dogs into the backyard for a snout-to-snout meeting. Scout couldn't care less, but Digory was entranced: here was someone who was not only good for the sniffing-around-the-yard stuff that Scout does, but she also liked to wrestle and play tug-of-war! What a woman!
For whatever reason, Penny seemed happier snoozing on the floor than on one of our many dog beds (or her own, for that matter). Maybe the floor didn't smell like it belonged to somebody.
The next day we drove to Pomona and put Penny into the hands of John, a trucker who was going to drive her all the way to her owner in Portland.
Her next ride was quite a bit bigger than our car (and it came with its own bed). Goodbye, Penny — go trucker dog!

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