Shelby's Continuing Adventures at Stanford Hospital

Our Girl, smiling and holding her Snoopy. The apparatus that's giving one of her fingers that ET-esque red glow is measuring the oxygen saturation in her blood. Shelby surrounded by her various paraphenalia. The blue thing to the left is a pump adminstering dopamine (a neurotransmitter they're using to temporarily stimulate her heart and raise her blood pressure); the monitor in the upper right is keeping track of her pulse, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen saturation, and atrial pressures inside her heart.
Closeup of the garish assembly attached to her neck. What is all that stuff? Two things: a Swan-Ganz catheter, which measures pressures inside her heart, and a "central line" directly into her jugular vein, which they use to administer drugs (saving everyone a lot of pain and trouble; they don't have to keep poking her to start a new IV in the difficult-to-find veins in her hands and arms each time the vein that her previous IV was connected to "blows out"). They hope to pull out the Swan-Ganz catheter and replace it with a device that measures pressures non-invasively. Shelby responding to her dear readers.

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