Boston, June 2003

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In June and July, we took a trip to Boston to watch David Koh (best man at our wedding) marry his fellow Boston University Law grad Rebecca Fischer. Rather than just drop in for the wedding, we spent several days sightseeing in Boston and then extended our trip with a visit to New York City.
Our first tourist attraction in Boston was a ride on the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden, just a few short blocks away from our hotel. (Said hotel being the most-emphatically-not-recommended Boston Park Plaza Hotel. See Shelby's blog entry for a full account of its horrors.)
After riding the swan boat, we went to pay our respects to the Make Way For Ducklings statue elsewhere in the park. (MWFD is a famous children's book about a family of ducks who make their home in the Public Garden.)

Shelby is standing next to Nack the duckling (you can tell because they always line up in the same order).

An actual duckling!

Later, we rode a different kind of boat, the unabashedly-touristy-but-still-fun Boston Duck Tour, a part-driving, part-floating trip through the city.
The wedding came the next day; in mid-afternoon we gathered dockside and waited to get on the wedding boat. (They originally planned for a smaller boat; they got this super-jumbo one as a last-minute free substitution from the charter company.)
Rebecca, the bride, being smuggled on the boat while the groom is distracted elsewhere. Next to Rebecca is Mrs. Koh, the groom's mom. David Koh, the dashing groom. Shelby, who's about to get the suburn of a lifetime, but doesn't know it yet.
The flower girl was a little nervous to begin with, but soon got into the swing of things. . . . in fact, she started taking her job so seriously that she spent the rest of the ceremony picking up after herself.
The vows.
Cool boat.
David and Rebecca had a surprise for us: during the meal, David brought out a bottle of our wedding wine (that we gave to him as a gift for being in our wedding party -- hey, he was supposed to enjoy that for himself!) and we drank it with toasts to each other.
Then after the dinner came important matters, like the first dance, and the presentation to David from his fraternity brothers of a muumuu -- apparently something having to do with a solemn (no-doubt drunken) pledge made after a late night viewing of an episode of the Simpsons where Homer gains an incredible amount of weight and adopts the muumuu as a low-maintenance clothing style. (How closely does David resemble Homer? Judge the similarity for yourself!)
The morning after the wedding, we took the Acela train to New York City (it was okay, but America's "high-speed" train is definitely no ICE 3).
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