The Hogan Family Goes to Carmel

All Scout, All the Time ...

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On the first night, we ate at the Forge in the Forest. Scout got a water bowl, a dog biscuit, and a canine menu of her very own. She selected the "Quarter Hounder", a quarter-pound hamburger sans bun.
The only reason she's tolerating the doggie seat belt is because she thinks we're going to another restaurant. (We went to the beach instead. Water! Poor dog!)
On the second night, we ate at L Coq D'Or, a French-German restaurant. Scout started out by lurking under the table, but was lured out with another Milk-Bone and another doggie burger -- this one a special concoction of hamburger, rice, and garlic.
The Brave Little Dog confronts the mighty ocean!

Well, maybe not.

Sacked out.

"Dad, aren't you coming?"

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