Miscellania, October/November 2003

Narrative by Kevin
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Southern California

At the end of October, we drove down to Southern California so that Shelby could visit some MFA programs, and so that we could both attend the wedding reception of my friends David and Chelsea.
Our friends Sasha and Stella are Education professors at San Diego State. While Shelby met with faculty and students in the writing program, and Stella taught an evening class, I rambled around campus with Sasha, Aaron, and Isaac (Aaron is the babe-in-sling; Isaac is his three-year-old big brother).
A couple of days later, we went to David & Chelsea's wedding reception in Orange. D & C eloped this past summer and were married in Scotland — hence the garb. Chelsea hand-sewed the sporran that David's wearing!


In mid-November, we travelled to Iowa City, Iowa, so that Shelby could visit the Iowa Writers' Workshop (and so that I could decide if Iowa was the kind of place I'd want to live, should Shelby be admitted).

This is Dey House, home of the Writers' Workshop.

This is the Old State Capitol, centerpiece of campus. It has construction fencing around it because it's being restored after the immediate previous restoration attempt set it on fire in 2001.

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