Our Adventures in Scottsdale

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On the first weekend in October, we went to Scottsdale, Arizona for the Jason Brown-Erica Palmer wedding (the Browns being old family friends of the Rosiaks).
We stayed at the Scottsdale Links Resort, which was okay. We certainly couldn't beat the price ($75 a night!) or the layout (essentially, a fully-furnished one-bedroom apartment, with a full kitchen and a washer and dryer). There were enough little rough spots to remind you that this was a $75 room: thin towels, a weirdly uncomfortable bed, and an antagonistic air conditioner (I think the builder got a discount for buying the aggressively loud AC units that nobody else would buy).

Taliesin West

On the morning of the wedding, we went to visit Taliesin West, a complex of buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1937 and 1959. During FLW's lifetime, Taliesin West was his winter home (the original Taliesin is in Wisconsin); today Taliesin West is still the winter home for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and the Taliesin Architects, as well as being the full-time home for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
Shelby and Shirley trying out the strict-looking-yet-surprisingly-comfortable seating options in Taliesin's "Garden Room". Should we ever get our modernist Eichler home, our living room needs to have one of the "origami" reading chairs that Shelby is sitting in.
Note the hole in the glass: an interesting (if not energy-efficient) solution to a pot-too-wide, shelf-too-narrow problem.

The Wedding

On Saturday evening, we went to the DC Ranch Country Club for Erica and Jason's wedding. The setting was wonderful; outdoors with a sweeping vista of desert and mountains in the background. The weather had cooled down nicely from the past few days (although we later found out the male half of the wedding party had ice packs under their tuxes, just in case.)

The first kiss, from my photo-disadvantaged position.
The now happily-married couple.
The immediate post-wedding reception featured one of the most exciting innovations in wedding-drinks technology: the "Martini Luge"!
Gary and Shirley, Shelby's parents. Us. Shelby and Holly (Jason's sister and a bridesmaid).
A little later, we moved upstairs to an outdoor courtyard where the dinner and main reception was held. All kinds of candles and little lights.
And just when you thought that things couldn't get any better than the Martini Luge, dessert featured the Chocolate Fountain! Dip an assortment of fruit, marshmallows, cookies, or pretzels.

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