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The Honeymoon

Shelby at LAX.
The morning after the wedding, we were dropped off at the airport to begin our honeymoon in Canada.


Before heading off to the ski slopes, we spent our first few days in Vancouver, decompressing from the wedding.

Among the totem poles in Stanley Park.
The Granville Island Public Market, where you can go shopping for all kinds of handmade arts and crafts (also, food, if you're into that kind of thing).

Capilano Suspension Bridge

On the way from Vancouver to Whistler, we stopped at the Capilano Suspension Bridge and stared down into the ravine far below (and dutifully went through the interpretive nature exhibit they'd built on the other side to make you feel that the exorbitant ticket price we'd paid to get in was worth it).


Chateau Whistler, our elegant digs for the week. Our room had a very nice fireplace and whirlpool tub.
The snowy view from our room.
Walking in a Winter Wonderland . . .

Whistler Village, the trendy and cute resort town that naturally accompanies a slope of Whistler's stature.

On the slopes . . .
. . . this time, you can tell we're serious because we have our goggles down.
Other people making good use of the snow.
Wearing well-layered clothing in the gondola during our trip up to the top of the mountain.
On our last day, there was a monster snowstorm and we had to wait hours for the road to clear. Fortunately Shelby, with her Michigan-honed skills, drove this time, saving me hours of white-knuckled nervousness.

I took lots of photos from the car, and they all looked something like the picture to the left.

At least we weren't among the poor souls trying to get to Whistler; we passed miles of cars barely moving in the opposite direction

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