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Scout Goes to Bark In The Park

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Some dogs weren't quite clear on the "dog water" concept.
Some lucky people got to pose with their favorite breed of dog . . .
. . . but Wendy had to resort to an almost-as-cute alternative.
On September 8, Mom and Dad (and our friends Marc and Wendy) took me to Bark in the Park at William Street Park in San Jose. It was a whole park filled with events just for dogs! They had booths for all kinds of dog-friendly organizations, and people selling treats and toys. They had dogs performing agility and flyball demonstrations. Most importantly, there were lots of things to sniff.
In the afternoon, a farmer brought in some sheep and a Border Collie to give a sheep-herding demonstration. This was Mom and Dad's favorite part, but I just slept. A lot of the herding dogs watching from the sidelines really wanted to join in, though. This doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a dog who's serious about his work, though. (I approach eating with a similar level of intensity.)
Later, I met up with some of my own kind; after taking some time to get to know each other, we got down to doing what Beagles do best: sniffing!
On our way out of the park, we met some different Beagles taking part in our other favorite pasttime, eating. (You could tell from their size that they were a lot better at it than I was.) They were nice enough to share some of their dog-safe ice cream.

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