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Wow! It's February already! I can't believe it.

Christmas was great. I got a new hedgehog, a cool rope/ball toy, and a reindeer head toy. I also got some great food, and we all know how much I love food! I got to visit a whole new family on Christmas Eve at Kevin's Grandparent's house, including their dog Spooky. Spook was a little bit overwhelming for me, so I mostly stayed inside. For some reason, I wasn't allowed to sit on the couch. I can't quite figure out why.

My big news this month is that I am now in day care! I go to Downtown Dogs day care once a week. At first I was kind of shy, but now I run right in and start playing. Downtown Dogs even has a Doggie Cam so Mom and Dad can check in on me throughout the day. Send me an email and I'll let you know when I'm going to be in day care so YOU can check me out too!

Aside from day care, my favorite days of the week are Tuesday and Thursday. These are the days when Dad stays home to play with me. Oh, he says he's "working from home" but we all know the real reason why he's here. I really like it when there's not much food in the house, because that's when Dad goes out and comes back with French Fries!

Other than that, my life is pretty much filled with the search for that ever-elusive sunbeam to lie in. The weather hasn't been great lately, so sunbeams have not been plentiful, but I keep hoping. I also spend my time trying to convince Mom and/or Dad that I am starving to death. I paw my empty bowl to elicit pity, and scratch on the door where the food is kept, but it doesn't always work.

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