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Frequently Asked Questions

textHow did you meet?

Please see the How We Met page.

textWhy is this site and not

Because was too long.

But that doesn't seem fair.

Life's not fair. Besides, Shelby reserved the domain name before consulting with Kevin.

How does Kevin feel about this?

He's horribly conflicted, but wants to go through with the wedding anyway.

textIs Scout going to be in the wedding? Like a Beagle of Honor? Or Flower Dog?

Probably not. We're training her to hold the flower basket in her mouth, but we're having difficulty getting her to dip her paw into the basket and scatter the flower petals. Something about lacking opposable thumbs.

textWho is going to stand up to the wedding?

Bride's Side:

  • Brad Rosiak — Man of Honor
  • Mary Alfson
  • Sherri Jacobson
  • Nell Papavasiliou
  • Corie Brix — Jr. Bridesmaid

Groom's Side:

  • David Koh — Best Man
  • Anita Jackson
  • Sasha Chizhik
  • Zachary Hogan — Jr. Groomsman

textWhere is the wedding going to be?

The Redondo Beach Historic Library in Redondo Beach, California.


November 24, 2001. If you have more questions about location, time, and the like, we've got a page just for that, too.

textI got your invitation. What's that line "Black tie preferred" at the bottom of the card supposed to mean?

Back when Shelby was a little girl dreaming of the day that she'd marry her fairy-tale prince, she envisioned a formal wedding, with an audience of tuxedo-clad men and elegantly-dressed women in attendance. Since grown-up Shelby hasn't significantly changed her line of thinking and still wants a formal wedding, we're requesting that all men attend in tuxedos, and that all women wear formal evening dress.

However, since we realize this may be difficult or onerous for some people, a normal men's suit (or at the very least, a sportcoat and tie) — and comparable business/evening attire, for women — is an acceptable alternative.

Searching the Web for "Black tie preferred" will find you a multitude of additional information.

(Kevin thinks that Shelby's secret fear is that, without any guidance, certain of his friends might come wearing pizza-stained T-shirts advertising computer-related ephemera.)

textBy the way, I checked on and it's not too long to be a domain name. Not only that, it's available!

It's too long for Shelby.

But it really would be more fair...

Look, you're not helping, okay? is already paid for and that's that.

textWhere are you currently living?

At Shelby's condo in Morgan Hill.

textIf Berkeley plays Purdue, which team do you root for?

We sit at opposite ends of the couch clutching our team banners, screaming "go Boilers!" "go Bears!" Whoever loses then owes the winner something.

textWhere are you registered?

Follow this link to our online registry.

textHas Shelby picked out the bridesmaids dresses yet?


textWhat about shoes?

Yes. Shoes will definitely be worn.

textHas Shelby picked out her wedding gown?

Yes. Shelby will be wearing her Mom's wedding gown. It will have to be altered, of course. For one, Mom is 5 inches taller than Shelby, and two, she apparently weighed about 10 pounds when she got married. Didn't people eat back then???

textHave you chosen a Honeymoon destination?

We'll be going to Whistler in Canada. Scout might get to come, too.

textHow is Shelby going to wear her hair?

That depends on how much hair Shelby has in November. She's growing it out now, but can't really explore the options until she gets an idea of how long it will be.


Do you have any questions we should add to this list? If so, email them to,, or

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