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Scout's Page


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Meet the Dog

Welcome to my page. I am Scout Elizabeth Dog. I was born on March 15, 1996 and I own two humans: Shelby (Mom) and Kevin. I used to only own one human, until Kevin moved in. Kevin hasn't been around as long as Mom, so I have to bark at him much more to let him know how things are around here.

I like Kevin because he gives me French Fries!

You may think that I am a well-adjusted beagle, but you would be wrong. You think it's easy being the beagle? Well let me just tell you, it takes a lot of work. In fact, I get so anxious about it sometimes that I have to take Beagle Prozac. When this happens, Mom says, "Better living through chemistry!"

I really like food. In fact, it's my favorite thing in the whole world. My favorite foods that humans also eat are French Fries, Pizza, bread and bread-related products, peanut butter, and meat. For some reason, humans do not appreciate these gastronomic delicacies: pig ears, IAMS, canned dog food, anything in the trash can, unidentifiable rotting lumps on the sidewalk. Go figure.

They say "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and in our case it's true. I have these things in common with Mom:

  • A radiant, natural beauty
  • dislocating kneecaps
  • An unladylike tendency to snore
  • Occasional anxiety

These are some features that Mom and I don't share:

  • Long, floppy ears (got that from Grampa)
  • Waggy tail
  • The uncontrollable urge to lick my rear

Keep checking this page to see my reactions to this whole "Wedding" thing. Meanwhile, you can visit some of my favorite sites:


Scout's Updates

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